Carolwood Estate Hits Market for $90 Million | Cross River NY Real Estate

A new addition to the most expensive homes list just hit the market, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Listing a home for $90 million is a big deal — even in the pricey Holmby Hills area of Beverly Glen, where the median home value hovers around $1.4 million.

Perched on North Carolwood Drive, the Carolwood Estate is in good company; it’s located near Fleur de Lys (priced at a hefty $125 million), Michael Jackson’s final home (priced at $23.9 million) and the Owlwood Estate, which is rumored to be privately listed at a jaw-dropping $150 million.

Historically, the property is even more significant as it once was Walt Disney’s estate.

The media company mogul had a barn on his estate to hold his projects, in particular a miniature steam train that would eventually lead to his plans of Disneyland.

When Disney passed away, his wife, Lilly Disney, continued to live in the home on the property. When she died, the property was taken over by the Walt Disney Foundation, which eventually sold the home to investor Gabriel Brener.

Due to asbestos concerns, the Disney home needed to be torn down, but Diane Disney Miller, the daughter of Walt Disney, asked Brener if she could move the Disney barn off the property. The structure was dismantled and reassembled in Griffith Park, where it is now a museum.

Brener then began construction on his private home, Carolwood Estate. Measuring 35,000 square feet, the home was finished in 2001 and has 8 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms.

According to the listing by brokerage The Agency, the home opens with a “two-story oval foyer with plaster-veneered walls, crown molding, and statuary and verde jade marble flooring.” A grand staircase off to the side leads to rows of suites used as children’s rooms.

Each room in the main living area has 12-foot ceilings and 3-inch thick mahogany doors. Marble fireplaces, crown molding and other high-end details round out the rest of the home.

The listing is held by real estate agents Jay Harris and Mauricio Umansky of The Agency.

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