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There are many people who are now looking at becoming more sustainable through their own efforts. Collecting rain water, harvesting energy from the sun, and growing fruit and vegetables are just some of the areas that people are working on. If you’re really keen, rather than growing your own food on a quarter acre block, you could consider going the whole farm route – and it’s not going to cost you the earth.

One of the effects of the economic crisis that gripped the world over recent years has been the downturn in real estate prices. You don’t need me to tell you – I’m sure you’ve heard about it a zillion times, and that’s just in the last 12 months. What you may not realize is that home prices have been affected as much by location as by economic circumstances. For example, the further away from major centers a home is, the bigger the drop in prices.

In the state of Maryland, there are very good rural properties of five or more acres, with decent homes of three or bedrooms, selling for less than $200,000. These homes are by no means mansions, however, they are not weekend cabins either.  Most offer fully fenced acreage ready for farming. You can run a cow or two, horses, plant fruiting trees and a vegetable garden as large as you want. Run chickens to help keep insects down on your vegies, and you have a fresh supply of eggs as well.

Sounds great. The downside? One downside is that you’re often 20-plus miles away from the nearest town, and even further away from a major service centers. It could make for a long commute to work, and long bus ride for your kids to get to school. However, if you like the rural lifestyle, and you want acreage, then you may want to look at some of the rural homes in Maryland.

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