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Dear Editor:

I am not a lawyer but have been in real estate for over 30 years. I believe that forced donations to a political action committee are illegal. I have attended many political functions where the best and most expensive food and drink items are freely given to try to persuade a particular group to see things their way.

Lobbyists make more money than the politicians or most real estate professionals. So far as the money spent to save Fannie and Freddie, it appears that their future is questionable. Plus, these powerful entities that all this money gets thrown at are a large part of why real estate is in the bottom of the barrel and brought the rest of the economy with it.

I don’t want to be forced to pay additional dues to fund politicians or causes that in most cases I don’t have input on. Many of those same politicians voted on “Obamacare,” Wall Street bailouts and many other things I won’t elaborate on. Let agents and brokers pick who they want, invest in what they believe, and not waste more millions on politics. Our whole system is wrong when the candidate with the most money has the best chance.

Wake up, America and the real estate industry. We need to get our country and our industry off the auction block. Give us the real issues and real answers proposed. Get your hands out of our pockets and let the slipping but sincere people still in the real estate business have real input to the answers! Thanks.

David J. Moose, associate broker
Smithfield, Va.
Long & Foster Cos.


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