Bedford NY School District Status Report | Pound Ridge Real Estate

Bedford NY School District Status Report  |   Pound Ridge Real Estate

This is a Sunday, 4:00 p.m. update from the Bedford Central School District. 

As of this announcement, Bedford Hills, Bedford Village, Mt. Kisco and Pound Ridge Elementary Schools will be open on Monday, November 5th. Transportation will be provided to those schools if buses can reach your bus stop.  Central office staff, technology staff, all custodial staff, and school building staff for buildings currently open, are to report to work.  Currently, Fox Lane High School, Fox Lane Middle School and West Patent Elementary School do not have electrical power.  If these other schools receive power later this evening we will change this announcement.

On Monday, November 5th there will be no Out-of District transportation for private or parochial schools or for Out-of-District Special Education class locations.  Out-of-District transportation will resume on Tuesday for schools that are open. 

In-district private & parochial transportation will be available if your school is open.

Just a reminder that Tuesday, November 6th has been changed to a student attendance day, not a Superintendent’s Conference Day as was originally scheduled.

You can continue to follow updates:

By calling our telephone message machine at 241-6000

By checking our website at

By checking Twitter @bcsdnotes

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