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On a snow day everyone is so easy to get on the phone. But you have to discipline yourself to pick the phone up and start dialing. You will be amazed how many people you can invite to take a look at your home business!

Also with all these snowy days, more and more people are working their jobs from home. Then when the snow melts… back to work. These people are probably thinking wow wouldn’t it be amazing to work from home permanently.

Here is a list of 4 no-brainers why we should build our home business on a snow day.

1. There is a really good chance to get people on the phone.
2. People are starting to think wow working from home is pretty cool.
3. Nobody likes to go back to work after being home that day. Why, usually you will have twice the work.
4. Chances are the school was closed and kids were home too. If you had a home business you can spend more time with your kids.

I hope this gets your ideas flowing. You can really compress the efforts and create massive results on a snow day. So get creative!

After you shovel the white flakes and make yourself a cup of hot coco. What are you going to be doing anyway? Watching TV…? Be the person that takes action and takes advantage of the next snow day. Most people will make excuses and just turn on the TV anyway. Not you, not this time!


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