Bedford Fireman Find Ammunition Clip in Fox Lane High School Pond


Dear Bedford Parents and Guardians:


I want to make you aware of a situation that came to our attention late Tuesday night.  This is one of those situations where misinformation could travel fast.  Everything is ok! 


The Bedford Police notified us that a gun ammunition magazine clip was found by the pond near the entrance to the Fox Lane Campus Tuesday night.  Fire department trucks were working at the pond and the magazine clip was found by one of the firefighters. The Bedford Police walked the grounds by the pond and all the buildings on the campus Tuesday night.  No other ammunition and no weapon were found.  


As a precautionary measure, this morning the Bedford Police with the Westchester County Police and their explosive sniffing dogs walked the inside of the middle school and high school  before school hours.  Nothing was found.  We appreciate the quick response and support of the Bedford Police and the Westchester County Police. 


Middle school and high school students will be informed of this today.  We want everyone to know the facts and that the police have searched the grounds and the schools.   Most importantly, this is a teachable moment for everyone that, as always, “If you see something, say something” – that, “It’s ‘ok’ to tell if you know something bad could occur” – and that reporting to an adult that something bad might occur is not tattle-telling or snitching. 


Thank you.


Jere Hochman

BCSD Chairman

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