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What do you picture when you think “creative retreat?” A cabin tucked away in the woods completely without modern conveniences? A tudor-style home complete with two-story library? Or how about a silver-dome concrete structure in the heart of ski mecca and vacation spot Sun Valley, ID?
This week’s home: Sun Valley Silver Dome

For sale by owner: $499,000

Location: Ketchum, ID

Year built: 2008

Details: 1 bed, 1 bath, 1,150 square feet

Looking for a bit of respite and a place to whittle away on his next piece, a New York writer bought a piece of Ketchum real estate with the plans to create his ultimate creative space.

One of the listing agents, Jeannie Kiel of Sun Valley Sotheby’s explained that the previous owner’s idea was to create a building that looked like an elevated lantern. Jim Holcomb of Sun Valley Sotheby’s also  holds the listing.

“Some people called it a silver lantern, some people called it a silver dome,” Kiel said.

The owner contacted EWorkshop out of Vashon Island, WA to draw up plans and a local construction company was hired. Unfortunately as the home was completed in 2008, the real estate market took a turn for the worse, dropping median Ketchum home values, thus leading the bank to foreclose on the home.

“It’s a sad story but it’s what’s going on in the U.S. today,” explained Kiel.

The bank split the half-acre lot and put the home up for sale $778,000. The home’s price was then slashed down to $585,00 and then again $499,000 before coming under contract in August just as mortgage rates dropped, providing an even bigger incentive.

Kiel said the buyer is thrilled about his new purchase, and like the previous owner, plans to use the home as a creative space.

“It’s gone from one creative to another,” said Kiel. “The gentleman under contract loves it and can’t wait to put his finishing touches on it.”

Although the home has only one bedroom and one bathroom, the home feels spacious with light-filled rooms and ceilings that are over 30 feet tall.

Built from steel and concrete, Kiel says the home is near indestructible as well as energy efficient with radiant heated floors and super insulated walls.

As for a creative space, Kiel says a lot of people, if they can work remotely, choose to do so in Sun Valley.

“They say that people move here for the winters but stay for the summers,” she said.


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