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If you’re running out of water for bathing and flushing toilets, no problem. But if you want a flashlight to find your way around the house tonight in the dark, you’re out of luck.

Though Shop Rite in Bedford Hills and Target in Mount Kisco had sold out of bottled water, more will be delivered Tuesday. And the A&P in Katonah has a plentiful supply of water, according to a spokesperson.

In many local shops, flashlights and battery supplies are nearly wiped out.

“We’ve sold out of almost every battery, and that’s the most requested item,” said David Vasquez, who works at Katonah Paint and Hardware. “We have also sold out of three-and-five-gallon gas cans and propane, which people have been using for portable cook stoves. Like they’re camping out.”

The store had one dehumidifier left as of 4 p.m. on Monday.

Vasquez said that Lewisboro Hardware was open Monday, though the store, located in the Cross River Plaza, had no power. Their supplies were at similarly low levels. Both stores expected to receive deliveries of more product by Wednesday or Thursday.

Peter Cydula, who works at Kelloggs & Lawrence in Katonah, said they had sold out of dehumidifiers and flashlights, they had sump pumps left.

“We have those because they require power, and most people don’t have power to use them,” he said.

Heading out to the big box stores may not be the best bet—they’re low on everything, too.

Jim Lange of Croton-on-Hudson stopped at Target on Route 117 to purchase an ice chest, in the event that more dry ice becomes available. “The camping section looks like piranhas went through it,” he said.

A Home Depot spokesperson said the Danbury and Brewster locations still had a few sump pumps but batteries and flashlights were almost sold out. They had no generators left.

Deliveries of fresh product were also expected to arrive by Thursday at the latest.

There’s always the old-fashioned way.

“We have some candles left,” said Vasquez. “Get them while supplies last.”

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