Bedford Corners NY Real Estate | Letter to the Editor: Housing Settlement Bad for Northern Westchester – Bedford-Katonah, NY Patch

Last week, County Executive Rob Astorino pulled back the curtain on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and revealed the ongoing nightmare of the Spano-Harckham Housing Settlement which will cost taxpayers millions more than what was originally foretold by the County’s Democrat leadership. 

 In 2009, Majority Leader Pete Harckham voted with the Democrat majority on the County Board of Legislators to accept the settlement—even though just days before he had visited local Town Boards warning of its many pitfalls.  As was predicted by the 5 lawyers on the County Board who voted no at the time, Harckham’s vote on this critical issue now promises to cost taxpayers dearly ($94.3 million or more), erode our local environmental regulations (which protect our water resources) by allowing developers to fast-track projects, and place an economic burden on our schools (a result of HUD’s new demand for three-bedroom housing near “above-average schools”).

 At the September 17, 2009 Lewisboro Town Board Meeting (see, Harckham admitted that the settlement could bring lawsuits against our towns, erode municipal home rule and threaten the environment, stating that he “did not see the logic” in supporting the settlement.  Yet, eight days later he gave up on taxpayers and voted to approve it.

 It is time that Pete Harckham stand up for Northern Westchester taxpayers and right this wrong!  He should disavow the bad deal made by his fellow down-County Democrats and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Rob Astorino to defend his constituents against an overreaching federal government.

 Peter Michaelis

Republican and Conservative Endorsed Candidate for County Legislature, District 2


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