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A Message from Supervisor Weaver …


At a meeting Monday morning, the property owner who leases space to the A&P food store told me he had decided not to renew the lease with A&P, but instead had signed a lease with CVS last Friday.


The property owner explained that he had made a business decision.  He said that because A&P had filed Chapter 11 he felt going into a new long-term lease with the company was not a good financial move for him.


For more than a year I have kept in close contact with both the owner of the property and the lessee.  Until Monday it was my understanding that the two were still in discussions to come to a long-term lease agreement.  This news is not what any of us, including the lessee, expected. 


Please understand that the Town of North Castle does not own the property that is presently leased by the A&P, nor does the Town become involved in negotiating leases between private property owners and their lessees.


I will continue to be open to all proposals from property owners who wish to lease or sell to grocery stores.


On a related topic, the Public Hearing scheduled for April 27th to consider a Special Use Permit to allow a supermarket to occupy property on Business Park Drive has been postponed at the request of the property owner.  It is my understanding that the property owner will notify us soon regarding a new date for the Public Hearing, and we will communicate that to you.



William R. Weaver, Supervisor


Town of North Castle
15 Bedford Road
Armonk, New York 10504

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