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There are ninety-nine (99) Armonk NY Homes currently available. The Median Price of an unsold Armonk NY Home is $1,299,400. The low price is $469,000 and the high price is $14,995,000. The average Armonk NY Home is 4845 square feet, has been on the market for 225 days and is asking $405 per square foot.

Armonk NY Homes finds sales are up 27% for the past three (3) months compared to the same period in 2009. The Median Price for a sold Armonk NY Home is $1,038,280 this year and was $1,024,687 last year. The average Armonk NY Home is 3684 square feet, takes 231 days to sell and averages $312 per foot. Armonk NY Homes sell at 93.66% of asking price

In 2009 the average Armonk NY Home sold was 3825 square feet, sold in 206 days at $306 per foot. In 2009 Armonk NY Homes sold for 94.30% of asking price.

Armonk NY Homes

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