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Are we in real estate sales or customer service?

Know the creed



There is a lot of talk about real estate agents being in customer service. Certainly those talking don’t mean this to be news. We get paid to provide very important and very difficult services.

I am a commission salesperson and have been for 35 years. Should I apologize for this?

I think of transaction management companies and title companies being in customer service, because they build their business on relationships with third-party referrals (from real estate agents, for example).

Real estate sellers and buyers need a solution, not a towel. We don’t provide real estate services for tips based on guests’ whims.

I will believe I am in the customer service business when I get paid a fee or hourly rate for services rendered to a real estate homebuyer or seller.

We are dealing with large purchases on behalf of families and individuals who need our help. My guess: This is one reason they don’t Google “customer service” when they want to buy or sell real estate.


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