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On the first day of April each year, communities, businesses and news outlets come up with stories intended to fool, amuse, and, sometimes, satirize. Here’s a roundup of the posts Inman News came across in the residential real estate space today.

National Association of Realtors shutters Realtors Property Resource: If you’re a member of the National Association of Realtors, as of today, you no longer have access to, or are paying for, the funds-draining national property database Realtors Property Resource, according to Greg Robertson on his blog at Vendor Alley.

“Our long national nightmare is over,” said NAR CEO Dale Stinton, via a “quote” in a purported NAR press release shown on the blog.

Never fear, Realtors, the post says that NAR has decided to invest in another industry important to agents — cars. “Today’s cars aren’t designed for the average Realtor, so we thought we needed to do something about it,” said NAR President Gary Thomas in a “statement.”

Seattle broker launches homebuying tournament platform for listings: For those home sellers in Seattle who know that a playoff system is the best way to determine a winner (see college football), Seattle brokerage Findwell has launched a new “March Madness”-like bracket system that will help them find the best buyers.

Eight buyers –- six chosen based solely on ranking of initial offer price and two at-large bids — will be pitted against each other in three single-elimination rounds, Findwell explained in a blog post.

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