All-Natural CompoClay: A New Alternative to Gypsum and Resins

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CompoClay , a new nontoxic material made from natural minerals, sea salt, water, sand, recycled coal byproducts and natural fibers, is now available in the United States. Versatile enough to substitute for metal, wood and concrete, CompoClay is weather-resistant and free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This  promising material can be molded, painted and finished to meet a variety of needs. CompoClay has opened its first U.S. store in Alameda, California, showcasing home décor, lawn ornaments, architectural molding and building supply products, which come in high-end and affordable lines.

“We don’t just make a green product, we are a green enterprise,” says Alex Khan, operations assistant at CompoClay’s Alameda office. “That means we consider the environmental impact of everything we do from the way our product is made to the way we conduct business.”

Patent-pending CompoClay was developed in Hong Kong as an alternative to gypsum, engineered woods, rigid polyurethane foam and resins, which have high carbon footprints, are often sourced unsustainably and are not very durable. CompoClay is expanding into a broad range of product applications, including home décor, garden ornaments, architectural moldings and building engineering products. I look forward to seeing this promising new material in many uses.


CompoClay’s new store in Alameda, California, is a showcase for all the material’s iterations.  



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