4 ways to show you care – giving back with social media | Bedford Hills Realtor

Social media strategy. Social ROI. Influencer marketing. Social capital. Sometimes the head-spinning buzzwords that have come to define our usage of social media can make the simplest things confusing and frustrating. This is not one of those posts!

Whether your “strategy” is personal or professional, social media is the platform that blends our personal relationships and connections. In between the likes, comments, followers and friends, listings, open houses, birthdays etc, real life happens. Sometimes it’s not nice. Sometimes it breaks your heart. Sometimes it elates you. It’s in these moments where empathy, trust and care for one another really shows itself, and yet, sometimes, we feel ill-equipped to reach over the boundaries of “strategy” and just be ourselves. So this is just a few simple ways you can cross the boundaries and show someone you truly care

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