30 Percent of Omnivores Wouldn’t Date a Vegetarian | Chappaqua NY Real Estate

We know it can sometimes feel as though there’s little love for vegetarians – see Anthony Bourdain’s vegan villains or that family down the street from you with the “Save a Cow, Eat a Vegetarian” bumper sticker – but now it’s getting personal!

According to a Today.com survey of 4,000 Match.com users ages 18-75, while an overwhelming 96% of self-described vegetarians agreed that they would consider dating an omnivore, 30% of omnivores stated that they would refuse to date a vegetarian or vegan. Further demographic breakdown was unavailable.

And vegetarians are supposed to be the sanctimonious ones! At least those hoping to avoid the hummus-or-haggis question in their search for love can frequent a handful of available veg-only online dating sites.

What do you think? Are you now or have you been in an inter-meat relationship? Do you prefer that your partner’s consumption match your own ethics? Would you change your eating habits to please a partner – or expect the reverse?

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