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When you are in a hurry to increase your credit score there is 10 things that you can do with in 24 hours that help immensly. Here are the 10 things to increase your score:

1. Order your credit reports online for each of the top three credit reporting agencies individually. Even though it may be cheaper to order a three in one report offered by one of the Agencies, ordering individual credit reports will grant you the access to initiate a dispute online with each agency. You can’t improve your score in 24 hours unless you know what it is! Knowing where to start is important.

2. Call your credit card companies and request to increase your credit lines. Increasing credit lines will improve your outstanding debt to-available-credit ratio amounts on your revolving accounts, and can improve your credit by as much as 60 points.

3. Rearrange your debt so that every one of your credit cards have the lowest possible outstanding debt-to-available-credit ratio. A ratio of 25%-35% is ideal.

4. If you have the ability, pay down the cards until that ratio is recognized on your credit report.

5. Borrow money to pay down your debts referenced on your credit reports from a lender that doesn’t report, such as friends and family. Unreported debts will assist you to decrease those debt to available credit ratios and boost your score. Your private lenders may even want lesser interest than you are paying on the cards! While this business deal doesn’t appear on your credit report, it’s still debt, so use it wisely. You don’t want horrible Thanksgiving dinners after failure to pay on a loan made by a family relative.

6. If you have freshly paid down or paid off debts and they don’t show corrected on the report, fax that information to the credit agencies. Providing them with the verification of payoff is much faster then initiating a dispute of the account information. In many cases, the agency won’t verify the payoff with the lender, and accept your proof as correct.

7. Begin your dispute approach online with each service. The online dispute will suspend the negative derogatory items from your credit report for the short term, increasing your score. When the dispute is resolved your score will change accordingly, but for the period in-between you get a momentary reprieve from the effects of the negative derogatory information.

8. If you must choose one credit score to work on, spotlight your focus on the middle score. For most major purchases such as real estate or a vehicle, the lender will pull all three credit scores and use the middle score, (all three scores in one is called the tri-merge score) so this is the one that matters the most. If you improve your middle score over your highest score, the formerly top score is the one that now matters most.

9. Have a close friend or family member with a solid credit history add you to their card. You don’t even need to have the possession of an actual card, but by adding you to the account, you get the benefit of their long credit history. This doesn’t hurt their credit history at all. A Credit report is a compilation of accounts with your social security number attached to them. When your social security number was added to their account, you agreed to be responsible for it, and their years of good credit history now show up on your credit report. The individual person who lent you their excellent credit didn’t add their social security number to any of your accounts with the negative or derogatory history, so there is no way for the bad information to appear on their credit report.

10. If you have recent collection account reporting to your credit file that haven’t been paid? If so call the collection agency and ask, “do you delete?” About half of all collection agencies will take away the item from your credit report if you pay it in full, or a generous portion of the debt. Sometimes the collection agency can remove the debt from the credit bureaus instantaneously.

There are other things that can help you improve your credit score that will take much longer to implement. I think this list will suffice for now because these things can be done in 24 hours.

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