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Freshly baked baguettes and striped blouses, step aside! The allure of French-inspired interior design has Zillow Digs users saying “oui, oui.” From gilt furnishings to French-country plaid — check out what’s inspiring homeowners across the nation.

Touch of gold

Zillow's Dig This Trend: French Flair gilded mirror entryway
This gilt foyer table pays homage to the days of legendary Francophile Marie Antoinette in an polished entryway by Zillow Digs designer David Scott.

Up above

Zillow's Dig This Trend: French Flair living room
Neutral shades ground lavish crown molding, while cheetah-print pillows add a dash of playful whimsy to lighten the mood in this photo by Zillow Digs user The Corcoran Group.

A peaceful surprise

Zillow's Dig This Trend: French Flair chaise with blue kitchen backsplash
Zillow Digs design firm O Interior Design, Inc. experiments with the unexpected by adding traditional furniture to unconventional spaces. Dating back to horse-drawn carriages of the French Revolution, the chaise tempts weary home chefs with sloping arms and overstuffed pillows.

Black & white

Zillow's Dig This Trend: French Flair black and white kitchen
In this modern kitchen by Zillow Digs design firm Jessica Lagrange Interiors, European influence is apparent in the use of black and white tiling you might find in a French patisserie.

Plaid upholstery

Zillow's Dig This Trend: French Flair plaid chairs in home office
In a stately home office, plaid armchairs and window treatments add some French-country charm.


Dig This Trend: French Flair | Zillow Blog.

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