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We have been telling you this for months now: Home prices around North Texas have never been higher. Sales of pre-owned home in the first half of 2013 are running more than 20 percent higher than in the same period of 2012. In fact, that is a new North Texas sales record for a single six-month period.

Déjà vu 2006!

Steve Brown says, and I agree, that some Dallas neighborhoods are experiencing the largest home price gains this area has seen since the early 1980s. Park Cities would be one, Lakewood two, Bluffview three, Preston Hollow four, and Frisco, yes Frisco, five.

And it looks like prices will continue to rise, at least until next year, even with creeping mortgage rates that mostly affect home sales below a million. Why is our market doing so well while others are not?

Jobs and our strong Texas economy.

“The increase of sales we are seeing is a pure function of economics,” said Ted Jones, chief economist for Stewart Title Co. “This is not false hopes.”

When people move into an area, they need a place to live. D/FW created 104,600 new jobs in the last 12 months, said Jones, which led to 34,720 residential building permits being issued. Jones also says we could have built twice as many home and apartments and still not overbuilt this market.

It looks like prices will continue to rise in DFW.

It looks like prices will continue to rise in DFW.

That’s because we have a shortage of homes for sale. Builders froze during the deep recession, and financing was scarce. Which has led to our dwindling home inventory: 1.5 to 3 month supplies of homes for sale. Normal is considered 6 months.

And according to Core-Logic, WE are back to our pre-2006 price value levels. That means that if you purchased your home at the tip top of the market in 2006, your values have more or less inched back up there, depending, of course, on the condition of your home. Interesting to see that even the pricey highly sought markets like San Francisco and Boston, have still not reached 2006 levels. But Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and South Dakota are back to 2006 levels while every other state is in the negative, still!

All this makes people here feel more secure. Rich, even. And it spurs some people to sell.



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