Classic Harborfront ‘Cottage’ on Vinalhaven Listed for $3.6M | Bedford Hills Real Estate

Location: Vinalhaven, Maine
Price: $3,600,000
The Skinny: Built in 1904 as one in a long line of Maine “cottages,” Stonecropboasts 11 bedrooms and 4.4-acre property that spills downhill to a dock on the edge of the Fox Island Thoroughfare, the channel that separates Vinalhaven from neighboring North Haven. Joined on the property by a pair of historic boathouses, the main shingle-style cottage includes plenty of historic charm, with a stone fireplace, ceiling beams, and “one-of-a-kind beautiful Japanese-style wall panels.” Worryingly, the listing includes no photos of the kitchen or bathrooms, suggesting that after the buyers are done forking over $3.6M for the property, they should be ready to spend thousands more to bring it up to date.



Classic Harborfront ‘Cottage’ on Vinalhaven Listed for $3.6M – House of the Day – Curbed National.

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