5 Cities Most Likely to Serve Up a Soul Mate | Bedford Hills Real Estate


If true love hasn’t found you this Valentines Day, here’s a look at five cities you can move to if you want to boost your odds of meeting the perfect mate.

“We feel that these are the places you should go to if you want to find love,” says economist Krishna Rao of real-estate site Zillow.com, which this week released its Valentines Day Index of America’s most singles-friendly locales.

The firm analyzed America’s 50 largest metro areas for three criteria key to finding your soul mate:

  • what percent of the local population is single;
  • how many restaurants and other date-friendly sites a place has per capita;
  • how much disposable income the typical single has — an important consideration if you expect your date to at least sometimes pick up the check.

Rao says singles-friendly cities are actually harder than you’d think to find, as unmarried people make up just 50.8% of America’s total 15-and-older population.

Zillow also estimates that the typical single has just $1,301 a month of gross income left after paying rent — not always enough to pay for dates considering that also has to cover taxes, car payments and other expenses.

Lastly, Rao says the average U.S. community has just 15.9 restaurants, bars, museums and other date-suitable establishments for every 10,000 residents, meaning there aren’t always lots of interesting places to go.

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