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Ashley Schwartau was tired of living with her parents. She lived in their Nashville, Tennessee home for three years to save money for her own place.

“I didn’t really want to go rent a place,” says Schwartau. “I could get a house with a mortgage cheaper than renting an apartment,” she says. “Houses in this area that I wanted to move into are priced really, really low – in the low $100,000s.”

Living with her parents paid off, as the 29-year-old graphic designer bought her first home in February 2012. The best part? She was able to do so with a low 3.5 percent down payment. Read on to see the details of how she got a home with very little down.

Finding the Perfect Home

Schwartau started looking at homes to buy in October 2011. Most of the homes she viewed were foreclosures that required remodeling, but a little yellow house stood out as quaint and perfect for her. It was in an older neighborhood that was about 15 minutes from downtown Nashville.

Built in 1952, the 1,500 square feet house is comprised of three bedrooms and 1.5 baths – perfect for her and her fiancé.

She wanted a three-bedroom home so both she and her fiancé could have home offices. She works from home and runs the graphic design department for her father’s video/e-learning business.

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