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Why You Need a Buyer’s Agent In Bedford NY | Bedford NY Real Estate

Why You Need a Buyer’s Agent In Bedford NY

Whether buying or selling a home, you need a real estate agent to help with the transaction. A real estate agent has access to information not available publicly that can help in pricing the home or determining if the asking price is fair. Additionally, an agent will help in dealing with potential buyers, marketing the home and handling the details of the sale or purchase.

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Proprietary Knowledge

In Bedford NY, homes for sale appear in a locally-produced publication called the Multiple Listing Service. While much of the information on Bedford homes in the MLS can be found on the Internet, not all of it can. You need a real estate agent to help with the purchase or sale of your home because an agent will have access to all of the MLS information.

This proprietary information includes the actual sales price of each home sold, not just the listing price. Additionally, the MLS information will include the number of days a home was on the market prior to closing. Both pieces of information are valuable in knowing how to market your home or evaluate the appropriateness of the price asked for a home in the area that you are considering.

Expertise and Experience

Buying or selling a home is a complicated process. Many homebuyers or sellers feel they need a real estate agent to help them navigate all aspects of their transaction. A real estate agent is experienced in pricing homes, preparing homes to be marketed and attracting potential buyers. Agents are experienced as well in dealing with potential buyers and moving the home through the closing process.

Dealing With Buyers

If you are selling your home, you need a real estate agent to handle calls and questions from potential buyers. Additionally, a real estate agent will show the property, meaning that you don’t have to be available to do so. And if offers are made, a real estate agent acts as a go-between during negotiations. The negotiation process can become emotional, and many people feel they need a real estate agent to keep this process professional.

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Help in Marketing

As mentioned above, including a home in the Multiple Listing Service advertises the property to a wider pool of potential buyers. However, there is more to marketing a home than publicizing that it is available. In addition to exposing the home to a wider market, an experienced real estate agent also can help prepare the home to be marketed to its best advantage. A real estate agent will know the strengths and weakness of a home as seen through the eyes of potential buyers and can help stage it to be most appealing.

Help in Closing

Closing the sale of a home requires correctly completing extensive paperwork. Even accepting an offer in the form of a contract needs to be correctly executed. Money can be lost or sales of opportunities missed if this is not done correctly and in a timely manner. An experienced real estate agent should have experience in completing the complex documentation required to buy or sell a home.

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