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His full-time job is in real estate, but Mauricio Umansky is most often recognized as the husband of Kyle Richards of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” The CEO and co-founder of luxury Los Angeles brokerage The Agency, Umansky has his hands full with balancing a successful real estate business, his family and of course, his appearances on TV.

We asked Umansky a few questions before Monday’s premiere of the third season of “RHOBH.”

Zillow: How do you balance reality TV with your real estate business?

Umansky: It’s less about balancing reality TV and my work and more about balancing my family life with The Agency. Whether I’m at work or with the family, I give 110 percent and focus on what I’m doing at that given time. I’m fortunate to have an amazing wife — Kyle helps me keep it all together. My biggest challenge is finding the time to be just with the kids.

Zillow: Has the show helped your real estate business?

Umansky: Before the show ever started, I was already one of the top producers in the country. However, a major component of selling real estate is marketing. I think the show has been beneficial, since it has brought more of a spotlight to me and The Agency, which, in turn, allows us to draw more attention to our listings.

Zillow: Will there be more visibility to your business this year? I understand Kyle has a shop next door to your office.

Umansky: It’s possible. We now both have offices in Beverly Hills. Kyle recently opened KYLE by Alene Too, a retail shop on the corner of Bedford and Brighton, of which I am very proud.

Zillow: How “real” is reality TV? You’ve mentioned before that your wife is so much funnier than the show gives her credit for.

Umansky: I think reality TV is very real, especially our show. It is completely unscripted. And yes, my wife is hilarious. She makes me and the family laugh all the time. I’m not sure that is captured completely on the show, but there are a lot of things that aren’t completely revealed.

Zillow: You just sold Adrienne Maloof’s home. How was that with the timing of the show?

Umansky: The sale of Adrienne’s house was an unfortunate situation. Both Paul and Adrienne are friends of mine, and selling a home of friends getting divorced is never easy. I try and keep it professional, and I try and accomplish my job as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Zillow: How was starting your own brokerage through all this? What are the best parts — and what are the most challenging parts?

Umansky: Amazing! I must say that not only do I have great partners, but we are blessed with a team of highly-skilled, successful agents and incredibly talented people working together toward one common goal – to represent our clients with the highest degree of attention, professionalism and service.

We embarked on a mission to create a brokerage firm with a progressive, definitive culture, and I think we have succeeded in this, although this will always remain a challenge.

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