Google Tech Incubator “Umbono” Comes to South Africa

Apr 10 2011

Google Tech Incubator “Umbono” Comes to South Africa

Google has helped back companies, research, education, and other major projects around the world. With the help of Google’s advanced technology, property space, and – of course – their ability to fund startups, Google is the real capital investor behind a great number of projects worldwide. Now Google is taking their business-starting abilities to South Africa through the “tech incubator” named Umbono.

The application process for potential projects has been open sine mid-March, but is now coming to a close (the final date for applications is April 15th), and the final preparatory steps for actual launch are now taking place. Google’s Umbono team states they are looking for those who are passionate about both their project and about technology, but they have narrowed the potential business fields any further than that.

Applications that are accepted will receive the following:

  • $25,000 to $50,000 in startup funding, provided by Google and a panel of angel investors.
  • Six months of free office space and access to advanced technology through Google’s Umbono facilities.
  • Business advice from an advisory panel of Google experts.
  • Access to business curriculum designed by Google staff.
  • Visibility assistance through Google’s network tools.

The Umbono facilities, advisory team, and other resources are located in Cape Town, South Africa. This tech incubation program, while it mirrors some earlier Google funding projects, is exclusive to that region. And, for those curious, the name of the project is isiZulu for “vision.”

[via Tech Crunch]


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