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Apr 2011

Posted by Jesse Barnes

Enhancing Twitter: Part 3 “Sound and Vision”

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Twitter is certainly a useful tool, but no tool is perfect, and none can do without a few enhancements. I’d like to present to you the third part of a several part series on enhancing twitter and your social media experience.

Today I’m going to cover the various twitter-specific media upload sites as well as how to broadcast what you are listening to through twitter.

First up on the block are the media hosting sites for enhancing twitter through pictures and video.

TwitPic: Twitpic is probably the most commonly used image hosting site for twitter. Besides being just a file hosting service, it is also integrated with twitter and the twitpic api can be found on many other twitter softwares. They even have a photo widget that you can host on your site or blog. But the coolest feature, in my opinion, has to be the personal stats page. It tracks how many photos you’ve uploaded, how many events you’ve created, and, just like facebook, you can be tagged in photos. I personally love that feature. The great thing about this though, is that it’s really fun to scroll through other users’ photos and see all the different places they’ve been.

Twitxr: Twitxr is a twitter media hosting application that is mainly tagged as a “mobile” application and is supported on many phones. It has many of the same features as twitpic, including a widget, profile, and public timeline, but it also includes a following system- almost like a social media site within itself- and a cross platform updating system that includes facebook, flickr, and picasa as well as twitter. Even though the site is centered around the mobile applications(hence the name “twitxr”, an amalgam of twitter and text) you can upload from your browser as well. Personally, I’d go with Twitpic, but the cross platform feature of twitxr may appeal to those that love to save time and the hassle of uploading to many different sites.

Next up on the block are the music applications for enhancing twitter through music sharing and streaming.

Foxytunes: Foxytunes is a web browser add-on that allows cross platform updating of the tunes that you are listening to. If you are familiar with last.fm and it’s “scrobbling” features, it’s similar to that- in fact it includes it. Basically once you’ve installed the foxytunes app all you need to do is connect it with your media player of choice(the foxytunes app supports practically every media player there is), sign into whatever social media sites you wish to send updates to and then bam, send. You can choose the premade text they have or text of your own and when it does send it tacks on a nice little link at the end directing your followers to the artists page on yahoo music. You can even choose to make it auto update though I would not recommend that because if you are like me then you listen to a lot of music all the time. It’s really a fantastic tool. One of the main points I like about it is how out of the way it is. I almost couldn’t find it because the toolbar just sneaks down into the bottom right corner of your browser. The only draw back is that I’m primarily a google chrome user, and foxytunes only supports firefox and IE.

Blip.fm: Blip.fm is much like Foxytunes. Except it’s not a toolbar. And it’s got a nice social aspect to it. And also you can find and stream free music so other people can listen to what you listen to. In retrospect, it’s not a lot like foxytunes. Like foxytunes, you can share what you are listening to across several different social media platforms. Unlike foxytunes, you are actually sharing what you are listening to. Anyone can click the link at the end of your tweet of facebook update and listen in, which is ACES, in my opinion. To expound on the social aspect a little more- it’s AWESOME! You set up who you’re favorite artists are and you get a feed of other users listening to those artists or similar. You can hand out “props” and follow other “djs”. There is even a whole “leveling” aspect in which you can earn various badges and levels by using the site- the kind of thing I can’t resist. It even has a widget!!!

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