Champ d’Or Takes Major Price Chop: From $69.9M to $35M

In what could be the biggest price adjustment going, the incredible Champ d’Or estate, located in Hickory Creek, TX (about 25 minutes from Dallas), was recently reduced from a for-sale price of $69,900,000 all the way down to $35 million. That’s a humongous 49.9 percent price reduction in one fell swoop.

Champ d’Or, which means “Field of Gold”  might need to be renamed Champ d’Argent (“Field of Silver”) since the price and value have taken such a drastic tumble. As a matter of fact, Champ d’Or was #5 on our list of Most Expensive Homes for Sale last September, so this price cut drops it well out of the running among the most expensive homes in U.S.

Located at 1851 Turbeville Rd, Hickory Creek, TX 75065, the Champ d’Or estate is a grand, French Chateau-style home built in 2002. Occupying 90 acres, the home contains 36,630 sq ft with 6 bedrooms and 7 baths. Other features of the four-level home include:

  • Mineral rights
  • Furnishings
  • Master on first floor
  • Two guest suites on the second level
  • Apartment on third floor
  • Indoor and outdoor pools
  • Ballroom
  • Bowling alley
  • Theater
  • Wine room
  • Veranda with seating for 450
  • 15-car garage
  • Tennis court
  • Private lake

Also available for purchase is an additional 165 acres with mineral rights and three additional homes. Remember, this IS Texas, a state known for doing things in a big way. The home is owned by Alan Goldfield and his wife, Shirley. Goldfield is a billionaire cellphone mogul who founded CellStar Corp., a wholesaler for logistics, fulfillment, and consumer activation of cellular phones.

Among Hickory Creek real estate, Champ d’Or is by far the priciest property available and well exceeds the Hickory Creek median home values of $157,400.

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