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End email overload.

Inbox overload

Work email, personal email, spam and newsletter subscriptions can add up quickly.

In fact, on average, we receive 147 emails per day. We delete 71 of them.

It’s the emails that come in day after day, and get deleted day after day, that need to go.

If only there were a better way to mass unsubscribe from emails than by clicking the link at the bottom of each one individually…

Now there is.

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–>, available to all Gmail users (with more platforms coming soon) set out to make unsubscribing from numerous marketing emails, at once, a breeze.

They pulled it off brilliantly.

Once you grant access to your inbox, they quickly identify the emails suspicious of being sent from an email marketing account, not an individual email account.

Simply press the minus button on all of the emails that you no longer want, hit save and that’s it! Their technology does the rest of the work. account also offers a “roll up” option that can take the newsletter subscriptions that you do want to keep and provide them in one daily email at the time of your choosing.

The reason that I love what they have built is because I am already done explaining it.

The smartest and most useful technologies are often those that are:

A. Simple to use

B. Solve a major problem for their users. accomplishes both.

You can get started now.

Your inbox will thank you.

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