Bedford Corners NY Real Estate | Champagne, Gift Basket, Roll of TP — Things Sellers Leave to Buyers

When and if you’ve ever sold your home, did you leave the buyer — the new owner — a gift in the home, such as a bottle of champagne in the fridge, or some other kind of offering?

It is somewhat of an unspoken tradition for sellers to do so and we got a lot of interesting and funny responses when we posed this question on Zillow’s Facebook page. Here are some of them:

“I leave a lovely welcome basket in the home – complete w/a roll of TP. It’s always the one thing they need and don’t unpack 1st.”

“When my parents bought their home, the Realtor took them to Capital Grille to celebrate. They’ve recommended him to everyone since.”

“I couldn’t sell my home… But I left a bottle of Jägermeister for my renters.”

“No booze but I had a seller purchase 3 cords of firewood for me before I moved in.”

“I left a lawnmower once!”

“We had our seller leave us a beer and a split of cold duck… in the dirtiest refrigerator you’ve ever seen!”

“I left 2 tall cans of Old Milwaukee when I sold my single wide with a carport.”

“When I sell a property I leave the buyers a card with flowers and I bring cookies to the title company!”

“I saved a bottle until I sold a home and when I cracked it open it had turned to vinegar it had been so long :-(

“Yes. I have. I also had one client with a love of chocolate chip mint ice cream so I loaded his freezer with it). lol I like to do little things specific to the person.”

“…when we moved to Texas – the previous owner left a “blue bonnet” on the kitchen counter and nice note telling me it was the state flower. I watered that thing for 3 weeks before I realized it was plastic. :P lol”

“I also leave a new roll of T.P., paper-towels, new hand soap, dish soap and broom set too. I feel good to leave them presents I know they’ll use…All the stuff I usually forget when I move into a new place. Always nice to pay it forward. :D

How about you? Have you ever left a gift for the new owner? Leave a comment below, or on Zillow’s Facebook post.

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