LinkedIn Tools – 3 Tools to help you grow your presence on LinkedIn | Pound Ridge Realtor

If you invest some time in LinkedIn it can be very beneficial to your business.

In this article we outline 3 tools that will really help you grow your presence on LinkedIn.

1.  Build stronger relationships with your contacts using FiveHundredPlus

If you connect with relevant people in LinkedIn this is an extremely valuable database that you should use.  When you build up a large database on contacts it can be a great source of business.

But you need to regularly communicate with them to nurture the relationships and let them know that you are still around.

FiveHundredPlus is a company which has an interesting tool which will become more and more useful as the functionality develops.  It is designed to help you maintain and build relationships with contacts in Linkedin.

You view all your contacts in a table and then drag contacts to a relevant column which indicates how often you think you should contact this connection e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly.



LinkedIn Tools – 3 Tools to help you grow your presence on LinkedIn.

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