Mount Kisco Diner Begins Expansion | Mount Kisco Real Estate

The Mount Kisco Coach Diner, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s favorite hangout, has begun construction on its expansion.

The diner is adding 1,250 square feet and 13 new parking spaces, along with providing a terrace for outdoor seating.

The project was approved by the planning board earlier this year after the Mount Kisco Village Board approved a zoning change in 2010.

Recently, the Paul Power’s structure, which exists south of the diner, was demolished, which was the first phase of construction.

Harry Georgiou, whose family owns the diner, said it will be much larger and more convenient for customers.

“We wanted to provide more space for clients and a nicer atmosphere,” Georgiou said. “We wanted to modernize the restaurant. It was time to expand.”

Plans for expansion have been in the works for five years. During that time, despite the recession, the diner’s business has remained steady, giving Georgiou confidence expansion was the right idea.

Georgiou’s father, Frank, a Somers resident, purchased the diner 18 years ago. Harry Georgiou, who lives in Queens, said it is in the family’s blood to provide service, hospitality, and good food.


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