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As part of your video marketing strategy you are likely to be sharing your videos on platforms like YouTube. There are different ways to measure the success of your videos and your presence on YouTube. These include the amount of videos you produce and upload, the amount of views your videos get and also the number of subscribers you have to your YouTube channel.

When someone subscribes to your YouTube channel, they will see all updates to your channel on a personalised feed. Subscribers represent a stable audience base with an active interest in your videos. This type of engagement enables viewers to feel part of a community in which they can interact with like-minded people and the makers of the videos themselves.

Subscribers are likely to be genuinely interested in your content. They are more likely to recommend you to others as a result.

Here are some tips to help you grow YouTube subscriptions to your channel

1. Don’t do ‘subs for subs’

This means don’t subscribe to lots of random channels for the sake of subscribing so that you get a reciprocal YouTube subscription. The value of subscribers using this method is minimal in comparison to attracting genuinely interested parties more organically.

2. Be original

If you are producing original and unique video content you are more likely to stimulate interest. If your titles and content are the same as everyone else’s, you will more difficult to find.

3. Upload new content regularly

Regularly doesn’t have to mean frequently or every week for example. But for a channel to be successful, you need to be producing content. This new content will not only draw in new subscribers, it will also keep existing subscribers interested and engaged.

4. Reply to comments and messages

It is important that you interact with other YouTube users to help your channel grow. It can be time consuming but if you don’t make the effort you won’t be be able to compete with other channels. Try to reply to comments and messages from people – even if just to say thank you.

5. Put thought into your titles and descriptions

Well thought through titles and descriptions, with some consideration to SEO, will help draw interested parties to your channel.

6. Have an organised and professional looking channel

Make sure that you have a picture, your company logo maybe, and ensure that you include contact details in your channel description.

7. Get your name out there

Interact where relevant e.g. by leaving comments on other people’s videos that might attract the same target audience as your own business. It is important to be professional and positive in these interactions. You should also utilise social networking opportunities but don’t spam people.

8. Collaborations

If you have opportunities to do collaborative projects with other businesses you will open the door to their subscribers too. Collaborations are a great way to introduce yourself to people who are likely to have a predisposed interest in what you have to say.

How subscriptions work:

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