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You’re about to go on a listing appointment for a multimillion-dollar property. What expectations will the sellers have and how will you meet them?

Most luxury clients expect much more from their agent than just posting pretty pictures of their property on the MLS and on various online sites where you syndicate your listings. What will it take for you to win the listing and get it sold?

1. Move from closing the prospect to creating a unique customer experience

Luxury sales were once based on controlling the prospect and expertly telling them what to do. Closing is an essential part of any sales process. Today’s luxury clients are smarter, well researched and tech savvy. They expect to control the process. Your role first and foremost is to provide them with the specific information they will need to make the best decision regarding their sale or purchase.

Going beyond this minimum level of service will require you to do much more. Find out what matters to your client, and structure her customer experience around what matters to her.

For example, many ultrawealthy clients are collectors. If your client collects vintage dolls, spend an hour reading up on this topic. Then, if you are showing this client property, ask questions that focus on how well the rooms where the collectibles will be displayed fit the client’s needs. This type of detailed focus on your client’s personal interests will make you stand out from competitors and earn you plenty of referrals as well.

– See more at: http://www.inman.com/2013/07/01/5-ways-to-exceed-your-ultrawealthy-sellers-expectations/#sthash.OtEsf0hu.dpuf


5 ways to exceed your ultrawealthy sellers’ expectations | Inman News.

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