Westchester Superintendents React To Reduced State Testing | Chappaqua Real Estate

Superintendents are reacting positively to an announcement that the state is looking to eliminate some standardized tests.

According to a report in LoHud, John King, State Education Commissioner, is telling school superintendents the Board of Regents is looking to eliminate the eighth-grade math test.

The Board of Regents is also considering eliminating other tests. King said grants will be provided to help school districts reduce local standardized tests.

“This is too little, too late,” Pleasantville Superintendent Mary Fox-Alter said. “We’ve been asking them to do this for years.”

Fox-Alter said while she thinks it’s a good thing, she said there are bigger issues the state needs to address. Fox-Alter said many kids are being double tested with common core exams and the regents.

Fox-Alter said the grades 3 to 8 English Language Assessment tests are not allowed to be shown to students after the tests are taken.




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