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For all the hoops real estate agents have to jump through in order to secure a highly-coveted listing, it may seem crazy to say, but the truth is: Sometimes a listing just isn’t worth it. Before you take on a property you’re not sure about, ask yourself if it falls under one of the categories below. If it does, it’s probably not worth your time or trouble, so it’s a smart move to back away before it’s too late.

Instead, focus on the listings that you know will be a great partnership between you and the seller and lead to a successful sale. And remember, a listing that isn’t the right fit for you is the perfect chance to make a referral to one of another trusted agent in your network. You’ll avoid a situation that will cost you more time and money than it’s worth, and you’ll build goodwill within your own network.

Here are five red flags to look for that will let you know when it’s okay to say, “No way!” to a listing.

1. Sellers Want to List a Property Before Its Ready

A seller might want to list a property right away—before all of its challenges are solved. And when a property is listed before issues are resolved, it will stay on the market longer, negatively affecting the selling price and wasting your time and marketing budget.

2. You’re Not Qualified to Handle a Property’s Challenges

When there are known issues like repairs, zoning restrictions, or environmental hazards that pose obstacles to a smooth closing, you need to ask yourself if you have the qualifications and time to deal with them. If you’re not, tell the property owner they need to bring in the appropriate experts first.

3. The Seller Isn’t Authorized to Sell the Property

In certain cases, the person who presents himself or herself at the seller might not actually be authorized to sell the property, so it’s up to you to clear up any murky issues before taking on a listing. In instances of divorce, find out who the legal decision maker is and whether both parties must sign.




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