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As professionals it is important to stay connected to your clients and referral sources needs even those they may be unaware of!  By keeping them updated in all areas that can affect approval for financing or the amount of interest rate they, or their clients qualify for, can save them hundreds of thousands of dollars and ultimately help them achieve their goals.


By giving insight and excellent information mortgage professionals set themselves apart from the rest and are looked to for guidance when financing is needed. Thinking ahead after Hurricane Sandy and what might be put off or ignored that could devastate those affected even more down the road.      

  1. Make sure all credit cards, car, mortgage, or any other payments associated with credit reports and scores are paid on time.         


  2. If you do not have access to the internet to make online payments call your creditor, or ask someone who has access to the internet to get you the mailing address for payment. Send a payment out by snail mail and make sure you put your account number on the check.


  3. For future use have a list of all of your creditors names, phone numbers, due dates, and payment mailing addresses for ease of access in times like this.  Do not put your account numbers on the list for security purposes. Your creditor can always find your account based on your SS#, name, and address.      


  4. Those who normally send payment out through snail mail who are using the internet for convenience must be sure to get a confirmation number.  Without a confirmation number, payment most likely did not go through. Keep a note of the number for future reference in case there is a problem.  Many individuals who are not used to paying on the internet wind up thinking they have completed the payment process when in fact they did not, finding out later on they have damaged their credit causing even more problems down the road. 


  5. If you do not make your payment on time make sure to document exactly what happened, with a time line of events, and why the payment was not made.  Later on when the time and funds are available to make payments and update the creditor the more detailed information available could make the difference between North Shore Advisory, Inc fixing credit or not.

Feel free to share these very important tips with your referral sources and customer base.  This information could give clients more opportunity to enjoy better rates and mortgage approval in the future as well as so many other options good credit can afford!



Call us with any questions or feedback on credit challenged clients or credit in general!


Making sure credit is analyzed with future financial goals in mind is a MUST before taking an action that can foil those plans and limit a consumers options for a better quality financial life

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