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Networking is and always has been one of the very best ways for real estate agents to grow their business. Going to a mixer or local networking event in your area is always a great reason to dust off the business cards and work on your elevator pitch. But how about instead of attending an event, you create one?

With social media, it is easier than ever to create your own event. As you work on your 2013 business plans, one thing to think about is, ‘how many times am I going to get face to face with potential clients?’ Social media is the great facilitator for this.

Here are 7 keys to creating and promoting events on Facebook:

  1. Set up an event on Facebook. If you have a business page, set up your event there (not through your personal profile.) . This does two things – it tells people about your event and it also promotes your business page because you are driving traffic to your page!
  2. Include all the details on the event page. Make sure to include a link to purchase tickets (if applicable) and all the details – time, place, refreshments and more.
  3. Promote your event. Tweet that link out, email it out to your sphere, promote it from your personal Facebook profile, and more! Also make sure you invite people to the event using the “invite your friends” tab on the event page. Make sure you only invite people locally who could attend (not your entire friend list!)
  4. Create an ad. Because you created a Facebook event, you can also purchase ads around that event. For a minimal amount of money ($10 a day) you can create ads on Facebook to drive eyeballs to your event tab. Try running a 7 day ad.
  5. Post event updates on the wall of your event page. Post updates as the event gets near. Everyone who has RSVP’d for the event on Facebook will get a notification when you post. It also will show up in the Ticker on the right side of Facebook.
  6. Send an email update. Facebook allows you to send an email update to all attendees of the event – this is a great thing to do a day or two before with any last minute reminders.
  7. After the event post photos. Post photos to your  Facebook business page and then post to the wall of the event that photos are on your page. Encourage people to tag themselves in your photos! Make sure in your admin settings on your business page that you allow tagging.
Are events a part of your 2013 strategy? Would love to hear from you – leave me a comment below!

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