On the Market: Manhattan Beach Is Expensive, But What About When a Hurricane Hits? | Bedford Hills Realtor

Hurricane Sandy/Frankenstorm:
How to batten down the hatches on your apartment. [BrickU]
Why this storm might be so bad. [NY Times]
Atlantic City shuts down its casinos as hurricane approaches. [Journal]
Red Hook braces for the worst. [DNAinfo]
Utilities prepare for rapid recovery. [NY Times]
NYCHA buildings in evac zones will be shut down. [DNAinfo]

How to colonize that neighboring apartment. [NY Times]
Dursts will run the city’s largest compost plan on 57th Street. [ArchPaper]
Brownstoner’s plans to take over the (flea market) world. [NY Times]
Bloomberg: Cyclists, peds are more important than drivers. [CapitalNY]
BK’s Manhattan Beach is one of the city’s most expensive neighborhoods. [Daily News]
More on the Trump Org’s new residential brokerage. [Journal]
Toronto grabs our Urban Umbrella sidewalk sheds. [Curbed]
Norwegian Church is still nice, but not as nice as in the olden days. [Brownstoner]
Bruce Ratner gets nervous before Barbara Streisand goes on. [Daily News]
A war in Hells Kitchen over sidewalk winter shelters. [NY Post]
Hedgie buys $24 million co-op at 834 Fifth. [Real Deal]
Guy turns subway commute into artistic inspiration. [Journal]
Real estate’s IPO craze. [Real Deal]
Lawsuits could abound if Coney Boardwalk goes plastic. [Queens Crap]
Leaving Williamsburg for Sunnyside and love it, especially the nice neighbors. [BrickU]
Is this bike lane ruining Park Slope bus route? [NY Post]
Why Brooklyn and the Nets deserve each other. [NY Times]
Aqueduct boosts the local Queens economy. [Daily News]
The Statue of Liberty reopened after a huge renovation yesterday. [Gothamist]

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