Scandinavian-Influenced Manse on the Sound Asks $18.5M | Bedford Corners NY Real Estate


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Location: Fairfield, Conn. Price: $18,500,000 The Skinny: Taking his cues from “large scale Scandinavian residential architecture” and Dutch dairy barns, architect Jason Chai worked with famed interior designer Stephen Sills to create Sasco, a modern waterfront estate which has been the subject of an extraordinarily precious Architectural Digest cover story. The 17,000-square-foot home—which sits at the top of an immaculately landscaped, 600-foot lawn that stretches all the way to the shore of the Long Island Sound—features wood-plank siding and a distinctive gambrel roof clad in zinc shingles. Inside the home, Chai worked to break up the cavernous volume into livable, human-scaled rooms, but much of the credit for the interior’s organic feel has to go to Sills and his idiosyncratic design choices. The six-bedroom home doesn’t necessarily forgo grand spaces, but with the exception of the large sitting rooms, smaller, high-ceilinged rooms are the rule here. Built for a cousin of the architect in 2003, Sasco is now on the market for $18.5M, representing a $2.5M PriceChop from what it originally listed for in September.


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