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There is a fair number of social media platforms out there, from Facebook to Twitter to Vine.

And perhaps one of the more overlooked resources — especially sad given its popularity among millenials — is the photo sharing website Instagram.

Instagram boasts more than 150 million users and is a simple way to capture and share photos on your phone.

As a millennial and part of the generation of future homeowners, Instagram is where I gravitate most.

Unlike other platforms, Instagram only hosts photos, and as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

However, the real estate industry still has yet to fully capture this audience.

Currently, if you search the hashtag Realtor, you only get 98,681 posts. And although others contain more results, this is still miniscule compared to words like vegan, which has almost 3 million pictures. If you want to see and learn from a group that has thrived on Instagram, look no further than the food community.

But with each platform comes its own rules of etiquette. So, here are five tips from an avid user on what not to do on Instgram and how to make your pictures captivate people, complete with stunning examples of the strategy being done right.

1. Make sure you are not in the photo.

The bathroom is notorious for this since it is hard not to capture yourself in the mirror, but it is still possible. While selfie was officially added to the dictionary, you are picturing the house, not you




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