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Facebook has grown and nurtured its audience since its inception back in February 2004 but the relative novelty of Google + has been questioned by some.Image

The recent release of the new feature ‘Graph Search’ by Facebook as brought new fuel to the clash of these two titans once again. As they both attempt to battle for the hearts and minds of their users with increased functionality and features many will choose one side or other in this increasingly crowded space of social networking.

Below is a brief run through of some of the main differences/similarities of the two’s product offering;

  • Google+ has no advertisements (yet) – This is good news for businesses as the clean interface avoids the clutter of brand messages that may distract users from your posts. Although Google + is still considered to be in its infancy stage of development, it may look for ways to monetize as it grows especially with its already thriving product of ‘Google Ad words.’
  • Facebook users should be quite comfortable with Google+- The layout is similar. Comment streams run down the centre of the page, flanked by groups on the left and friend suggestions on the right. Chat windows appear in the bottom-right corner, just as on Facebook.
  • Google+ seems to post a lot more posts than Facebook where it only displays a portion of your posts to your followers. With Google + you can post to particular circles as well as post publicly to the entire G+ community.
  • By no means did Google+ invent video chatting- But Google Hangouts provides a smart way to connect with your audience in real time across the world, equipped with effects and an intelligent interface.
  • Google certainly does have a product advantage as it has announced early last year it will share user data across all of its products- this is said to create a seamless and slick experience for users and increase Google +’s users overnight.

There’s no need to choose one or the other, many users will avoid the hassle of joining and setting up yet another social profile, others may lured by new and innovative features and better integration with the rest of their Google collection.  With Social Media Management Tool‘s like Sendible you can post to these two social networks (and many others) simultaneously.

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