This Minimalist House in Queens Packs in Three Apartments | Cross River Real Estate

flushing_comp.jpgPhotos by Michael Moran/New York Design Hunting

If one had to guess where this pared-back residence would most likely exist, probably every city in minimalist-loving Japan would seem more likely than the truth, that it actually sits in the far reaches of Queens, New York. As architects Devin O’Neill and Faith Rose reveal in the latest issue of New York Design Hunting, the structure’s exterior form, with its compact shape and noted dearth of frill, is actually inspired by the Levittown-style more typical of the surrounding homes. While the edifice is an outward nod to its neighbors, the internal design has nothing to do with the New York architecture of old. O’Neill and Rose were working off an incredibly specific challenge from the client: figure out how to coherently accommodate three branches of a family into one single structure.



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