Should real estate agents “fire” know-it-all homebuyers? | Bedford Hills Realtor

Real estate agents are vital in the role of helping people find the perfect home.

But what should you do if it’s those same people who prove problematic?

What would you do, walk away?

Check out this Reddit post titled: “Stubborn buyer loses home over stupidity, how to handle?”

Here, user WolfofWallStr lays out this tragic scenario:

Hey all. Had a buyer, I’ll call them they “Know it All” Family. They knew everything, especially since they watch Home & Garden TV, Million Dollar Listing, and saw something on Youtube that one time.

So anyways, the buyer (The Know It All Family) submitted an offer, solid offer. Seller countered. The two were $10,000 apart. The seller then offered to meet in the middle, so they are no longer apart. Unfortunately buyer refused and actually informed the seller they are considering lowering their offer. The buyer used silly excuses such as values listed on the tax assessment of the property & replacement values from insurance quotes. In the meantime, the seller got a higher offer… we snoozed, we lost and it was all the buyers fault.

Now this buyer is angry and doesn’t want to buy anymore. They’re solid buyers, but they think they know everything because they read some blog on the internet about real estate and watch RE TV shows lol. Any thoughts on how to handle situations like this in the future?

For once, reaction isn’t so mixed.

Most of the Redditors, many brokers, landlords, agents themselves, say to “fire” clients such as these. Do you agree? Let me know on the message boards below.

Note: one user disagreed and got shot down for showing “alternative feelings.”

I’ll just add that here, at the end, for some balance.

WiseImprovements said:

“They are going through a very emotional process that may seem pretty simple to you. It’s a huge deal for their family and they are out of their comfort zone. I understand that you are frustrated but calling them stupid and insulting them online makes you look very badly.

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you know it all

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