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Location: Greenwich, Conn. Price: $14,000,000 The Skinny: Former Citigroup CEO and Extremely Rich Person Sandy Weill has listed one of his Greenwich, Conn., homes for $14M, reports the WSJ, which also notes that he’s keeping his other homes in Sonoma County, the Adironacks, New York City (a unit a few floors down from the 15 Central Park West penthouse he sold in Dec. 2011 for a record-setting $88M), the Bahamas, and his second Connecticut manse (which is right next door to this one). So don’t worry about Sandy Weill going homeless! Somehow he’ll muddle through with just the five remaining homes. The story behind the home is instructive: Weill gave the land to his son, who built a house, and then sold the house back to his dad for $11M, who then briefly listed it for $13M back in 2009. Turns out though, that someone had broken the economy, and suddenly “it was a very bad market,” so Weill pulled the listing…until now. The mansion, which was designed by Ira Grandberg, is described by the brokerabble as having “the noble character, elegance, and grandeur of England’s prestigious country estates,” which, translated, means that it’s “misshapen and top-heavy”. Inside the 16,000-square-foot manse there are six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a billiards room, and a cupola with views of Long Island Sound.

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