Luxury Bunker on Hawaii’s Big Island Hopes For $26.5M | Chappaqua Homes


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Location: Ninole, Hawaii Price: $26,500,000 The Skinny: Picture a tropical paradise, where a beautiful stream busily works its way down the flank of a huge volcanic cone, snaking through a lush stand of trees before tumbling down a cliff into the ocean far below. Now picture a four-story reinforced concrete bunker, complete with helicopter pad, waterslide, and Olympic-size pool, plopped down at the edge of that cliff, and there you have Water Falling, an crazily baroque compound that reads like a cartoonish mixture of Syndrome’s lair and the dino DNA lab in Jurassic Park. Just how baroque is Water Falling? While some luxury homes may be content with merely boasting a helipad and a waterfall, this 8,100-square-foot manse on Hawaii’s Big Island dials the ostentation up to 11 with a glass elevator, a golf course, an elevated basketball stadium, and a high-dive platform. Water Falling is asking $26.5M, but bargain hunters (and Bond villains) should be aware that the manse faces the auctioneer’s gavel on March 22 in a no-reserve, highest-bidder-wins auction.

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