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Roof Cave-Ins Across Boston Area | Bedford Real Estate

The latest menace dealt by New England’s historic snowbound winter — the creak, crack and boom of collapsing roofs — may get worse as the region heads into a weekend forecast of rain.

Rooftops, especially flat ones, have buckled under the weight of snow from Rhode Island northward to Maine. In Massachusetts, 106 roofs have caved in the last two weeks. Two partial roof collapses in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, displaced as many as 700 residents in an apartment complex.

There have been no reports of death or serious injury in the structural failures. That could change with Boston’s next round of foul weather, which will start Saturday. Unlike every system since Jan. 27, it will switch to all rain through the overnight hours, said Alan Dunham, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Taunton, Massachusetts.

“The snow will basically just absorb all the rain,” Dunham said. “All that snow sitting on roofs will be even heavier and it will exacerbate an already large problem.”

Roof collapses in Massachusetts include a commercial plaza, daycare center and lumber retailer, according to the state’s emergency management agency, MEMA.

Barn Roof

In Newington, New Hampshire, about 100 employees face a temporary layoff after a roof collapse on a warehouse at Georgia-Pacific.

A barn roof gave way in Berwick, Maine, as did part of a roof over a manufacturing facility in Rockland, the coastal Maine community known for its annual lobster festival.

In the Boston area, which has been smothered by more than eight feet of snow this season, companies that shovel off roofs and break up ice dams are so busy that many aren’t returning new calls for help.

As of Thursday afternoon, Boston had received 98.7 inches (about 250 centimeters) at Logan International Airport, making the current winter the snowiest on record behind 1995-1996, when 107.6 inches fell.

Whether Saturday’s storm system brings snow, rain or a mix, it will add weight, said Chris Besse, a MEMA spokesman.

“That’s why we’re encouraging people to get out there and check their roofs,” he said in a telephone interview.

Red Flags

Signs of impending collapse can include sagging roofs, leaks inside the house and cracked or split wood in the structural makeup of the dwelling, MEMA said on its website. Sprinkler heads that drop down from ceiling tiles, doors that pop open and doors or windows that are difficult to open can also be red flags.

To ease the roof’s load, the state recommends a snow rake – – if you can find one for sale. Start from the edge and work inward, shaving the piles down to two or three inches. Scraping the roof clean will risk damage to shingles and other roofing material, MEMA advises.


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This is why California is in the middle of another housing crisis | Bedford Real Estate

Decades from now, when history writes the story of the Millennials, they may well be remembered as the first generation for whom using smartphones and social media was as natural as taking a breath. Yet unless things change, there’s a good possibility they’ll also be known as the generation that couldn’t afford to buy or rent a home.

It’s ironic that when the first Millennials were born, their Baby Boomer parents couldn’t afford a home either. Looking back to October 1981, interest rates on a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage exceeded 18%. It wasn’t until rates fell below 10% in 1986, and to the 7% range in the early 2000s, that affordability ceased to be a major impediment to homeownership.

Today, California’s housing affordability problem is back – only this time it is fueled by rising home prices and lack of access to capital rather than double-digit interest rates.

On Nov. 14, the California Association of Realtors will convene economists, policymakers, and practitioners for “The Real Estate Summit: Partnering for Change in California.” The summit will explore the issue of housing affordability, as well as California’s infrastructure, foreign investment, consumer trends, housing finance, and policy implications.

So how serious is the problem?

CAR’s Housing Affordability Index – which tracks the percentage of households that can afford a median-priced, single-family detached home assuming current interest rates and 20% down – fell from 33% in the first quarter of 2014 to 30% in the second quarter, a 26% decline from a peak of 56% in early 2012. While home buyers needed to earn an annual income of $56,320 to purchase the median-priced house two years ago, today they need an additional $37,270, or $93,590 total annually, to qualify.

The reasons behind the decline in affordability are many:  slower-than-expected economic growth, incomes that haven’t kept pace with rising home prices or rents, pent-up demand, lack of supply, tighter lending criteria in response to new mortgage regulations from Congress, and indecision about the future of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, to name a few.

What the numbers don’t reveal is the impact the problem is having on individuals and families. Nationally, more than half of adults surveyed say they’ve taken a second job, postponed retirement contributions, run up credit cards, or moved to a cheaper neighborhood in order to cover their rent or mortgage over the past three years, according to the MacArthur Foundation. Another study reports that 45% of college-educated Millennials have moved back in with their parents because they can’t find a job or the one they have doesn’t cover student loans and a place to live.

A lack of new home construction is likely to cause further affordability issues unless housing starts increase in line with local job gains, according to the National Association of Realtors. Its analysis found that too few homes are being constructed in relation to local job market conditions, and that lack of construction has “hamstrung” supply and slowed home sales.

Here in California, it has been estimated that the post-recovery real estate market could easily absorb 250,000 new units of owner-occupied or rental housing – a need that isn’t even close to being fulfilled.

What’s the key reason?

Many small builders continue to experience limited access to credit and rising construction costs. Despite strong demand, the number of single-family housing permits issued in August 2014 declined by nearly 21% from the same month in 2013, while the number of multifamily permits was down almost 24% year over year.


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Bedford NY Luxury Market Inventory Report | RobReportBlog


Bedford NY Area Luxury Real Estate Market Report

Over $2,000,000
Homes for Sale 165
Homes Sold (6 Mos.) 27
Homes in CC, pending, sold 44
Inventory- sold 36.66 months
Inventory- sold, cc, pending 22.51 months


Bedford NY Luxury Market Inventory Report | RobReportBlog.

Bedford NY Prudential Douglas Elliman Partners With British Luxury Realtor | Crain’s | Bedford NY Luxury Properties

To expand its presence overseas, Prudential Douglas Elliman has established a new partnership with Knight Frank Residential, a United Kingdom-based global real estate agency and consultancy.

Under the relationship, Prudential Douglas Elliman and Knight Frank Residential will share and promote some exclusive listings among their respective client pools. As a result, both firms aim to refer business to each other and, in turn, earn commissions off more closed deals.

Prudential Douglas Elliman expects Knight Frank Residential property listings from Europe and other parts of the globe to appear on its website in the coming weeks. Brokerages across the city are striking similar strategic partnerships to boost business. Just last week, 5-month-old Town Residential partnered with property manager Cooper Square Realty to capture more clients.

“There is a high percentage of international buyers who like to invest in New York real estate,” said Dottie Herman, chief executive of Prudential Douglas Elliman, adding that the exclusive partnership was a year in the making. “They feel it’s a good investment.”

Only the top 5% of Prudential Douglas Elliman’s properties will be advertised by Knight Frank Residential—most often limited to the $3 million-plus properties in New York City, the Hamptons, Long Island and Westchester, the brokerage said.

While the partnership is new, the Manhattan brokerage is already close to benefitting from the referral arrangement. Knight Frank referred to Prudential Douglas Elliman a client who wanted to sell a 10-room co-op on Park Avenue. The New York firm started marketing the property in March for $11.8 million, and Ms. Herman said the listing is very close to going into contract.

Prudential Douglas Elliman is the city’s largest residential brokerage, based on number of agents. It currently has roughly 2,000 agents in the city. Knight Frank Residential, part of privately owned global property consultant Knight Frank, has established similar exclusive partnerships with other brokerages in the United States.

“We selected Prudential Douglas Elliman because they can provide our clients with access to the best properties in New York,” said Patrick Ramsay, managing partner of Knight Frank Residential, in a statement. “Our companies share similar values and business practices to ensure the highest level of service for our clients.”

Lewisboro NY Parks and Preserves | Lewisboro NY Real Estate

Lewisboro is rich in natural areas and is a component of the biotic corridor. Two Westchester County Parks are on Lewisboro’s borders, and there are 6 town parks and several community preserves.

Ward Pound Ridge Reservation is Westchester County’s largest (4,700 acre) park. In addition to many trails, there are camping facilities and a Trailside Museum. The main entrance is on route 121 in Cross River.

Mountain Lakes Camp is a County park on the northern border of Lewisboro, with beautiful ponds and trails in the forest. The most popular trail leads to Look Out Point which is perched on top of a cliff overlooking Lake Waccabuc,Lake Oscaleta and Lake Rippowam.

Onatru Farm on Elmwood Road is one of Lewisboro’s preëminent parks and includes tennis facilities and playing fields as well as some town offices. This area also includes some walking trails.

The Lewisboro Town Park on Route 35 contains tennis courts, the town pool, ball fields, and outdoor basketball courts. When ice skating is available in winter, a sign is posted. There are also some walking trails in this park that connect to the adjacent Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.

The Leon Levy Preserve was acquired by the town in 2006 as open space. While some trails exist in this 370-acre (1.5 km2) parcel, as of 2008 additional horse and hiking trails are under development and parking is still limited.

The Brownell Preserve is 118 acres (0.48 km2) of forested land given to the town. It has a 2-mile (3.2 km) trail that loops past an overlook of Lake Katonah.

The Old Field Preserve was obtained in 2003, and contains about 100 acres (0.40 km2) of woods, wetlands, and sizable old fields (thus, the name). The meadows will be preserved to support the birds and animals that are dependent upon this increasingly rare habitat.

Fox Valley Park has a variety of sports facilities for the town, including very busy soccer fields, ball fields, and tennis courts.
See Walking Wild Lewisboro for information on park facilities and trail maps.

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Governor Cuomo’s NYS Real Estate Tax Facts | Bedford NY Real Estate

Governor Cuomo promises to CAP real estate taxes because he believes they are too high.

Governor Cuomo’s NYS Real Estate Tax Facts:   (  http://tinyurl.com/2ed83fo  )

1.     Property tax levies in New York grew by 73% from 1998-2008, more than twice the rate of inflation during that period.

2.     New York has 2nd highest combined state and local taxes in the nation and the highest local taxes in America as a percentage of personal income, 79% above the national avarage.

3.     The median property taxes paid by New Yorkers are 96% above the national median.

4.     When measured in absolute dollars paid Westchester (1st), Nassau (2nd), and Rockland (5th) counties are among the 5 highest taxed in the nation.

5.     When property taxes are measuredd as a percentage of home values over a 3 year period, the top sixteen counties in the nation are all in upstate New York.

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