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FHA eases rules for some credit-impaired applicants | Bedford Corners Real Estate

In a move designed to more fairly treat borrowers whose credit reports contain collections actions and disputed debt accounts, the Federal Housing Administration has eased previous rules that would have led to large numbers of application rejections.

The agency also released guidance to lenders instructing them on how to handle “extenuating circumstances” claimed by borrowers who experienced serious economic setbacks triggered by the recession, but who are now employed, paying their bills and seeking FHA financing.

On Friday, FHA issued two mortgagee letters spelling out its new approach to widespread credit issues affecting applicants for its low down payment loans. The guidance on collections and disputed accounts (ML 2013-24) replaces controversial rules the agency first issued in early 2012.

That guidance, which required payoffs of collections or disputed accounts totaling an aggregate $1,000 or more before applicants could go to closing on an FHA loan, triggered intense criticism from lenders and community groups.

FHA subsequently withdrew the rule in June 2012,  promising a future policy that would constitute a “balanced yet flexible approach to promote access to affordable credit while protecting the insurance fund.”

Critics of the rescinded rules pointed out that many consumers have disputed accounts on their credit reports that were not caused by the consumers themselves, or where they had legitimate reasons for not paying the account in full.

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World’s biggest offshore wind farm will be built in Lincolnshire | Bedford Corners Homes

Plans to create the world’s biggest offshore wind farm off the coast of Britain have been approved.

Work on the massive Triton Knoll site – 288 giant wind turbines off the Lincolnshire coast – can now begin after the £3.6bn project was given the go ahead.

It will dwarf Britain’s current largest offshore facility, the 175-turbine London Array in the Thames Estuary unveiled last week by David Cameron.

Go-ahead: An offshore wind farm off the coast of Skegness in Lincolnshire

Go-ahead: An offshore wind farm off the coast of Skegness in Lincolnshire

When complete, the new giant windfarm will generate 1.2 gigawatts of electricity, enough to power for 820,000 homes.

But critics say it will not come without a cost, as offshore power is currently subsidised by the taxpayer at three time the wholesale price of conventionally-produced electricity.

And the scheme is not without controversy. As part of the project, energy giant RWE are proposing building a substation the size of 30 football pitches connected to the offshore turbines, in the Lincolnshire countryside.



World’s biggest offshore wind farm with 300 turbines will be built in Lincolnshire | Mail Online.

Improve your real estate content strategy with new Facebook Insights | Bedford Corners Real Estate

Have you checked out the new Insights tab on your Facebook page lately? Before, stats and insights from Facebook were pretty basic unless you dive into Excel files full of data. The use of graphs and quick views of posts you’ve published makes it easier to analyze what’s working and what isn’t.

Wondering what the big deal is? The new user interface makes it easier for you to pinpoint what types of posts are working  (video and photos tend to do better for reach and engagement) and who your target audience is through demographics. One of my favorite updates is being able to see when your fans are online and what the popular times they saw your content under the Posts tab.

The quick tour of the new Insight panel takes you through the four tabs at the top: Overview, Page, Posts and People. Let’s break them down.

Here you will get a breakdown of the last seven days of the basics: page likes, post reach, engagement and your most recent posts.

Overview Tab

This tab gets broken down into likes, reach and visits. You’re able to use the scroll bar the top to change the range of dates you are viewing.

Page Tab

You also get the total number of likes on your page by day as well as what has changed between unlikes, organic and paid likes.

– See more at: http://www.inman.com/next/improve-your-real-estate-content-strategy-with-new-facebook-insights/#sthash.XwZn2kUV.dpuf



Improve your real estate content strategy with new Facebook Insights | Inman News.

Buyer Procrastination? No Thanks | Bedford Corners Real Estate

Plenty of people offer plenty of theories about what exactly selling is. Here’s my theory: Selling is about persuading someone to make a decision.


Trying to sell a job in one call isn’t easy. You’re there to get a decision, and it’s human nature to procrastinate. The bigger the decision, the more likely prospects are to put it off.

The sales process itself sets you up for this. If you’re selling the way you should be, you’re asking a lot of open-ended questions. You reach the end of your presentation and move to close. Now you’re asking a question that’s not open-ended but requires a yes or no answer. And yes or no is often the answer people are least inclined to give. They’d rather put off making the decision.

Need To Think It Over

They put it off with objections that are often excuses. Have you ever had a homeowner say, “I’ll think it over and call you back tomorrow”? Have they told you they can’t decide without consulting a friend, colleague, or relative? Certainly you’ve heard that they can’t make a decision without more estimates. And you’re familiar with the delay tactic: “I never make an immediate decision.”

Sometimes these aim to send you politely on your way. But let’s assume you’ve been at the prospect’s house for two hours and you’ve done a great job presenting yourself, your company, and your product. You go to close — Can we do business tonight? — and they tell you they need to see a few more estimates.

Instead of walking away, challenge the prospect by making them accountable. Ask “Who else are you seeing and when?” Or “Do you really want to sit through four more window company presentations?”

Let’s say the reason they give for not buying is that they want to talk to someone else. You can ask them what it is that they want to talk to the other company about. Let’s say the reason is that they never buy without thinking it over. OK, so why is that? What exactly do they need to think through? Maybe you can help them with that process.

Keep Them Talking

Prospects will answer the questions you ask because people are conditioned to answer. By challenging the excuses they give for not buying, you get them to say what’s really on their minds. It may be they’re not so much avoiding a decision as feeling you out in an effort to get better terms. OK, now you can negotiate. You also reestablish control of the conversation. That means you can direct the conversation to a certain purpose, which is to close them a second time or a third time. But if you want the sale, you have to keep them talking. Silence means the sales appointment is over. —Jake Jacobson is vice president of sales at Premier Window & Building, a Maryland home improvement company. Reach him at trainyes@verizon.net.

Make Sure To Vote Tuesday In Bedford | Bedford Corners Real Estate

Bedford Central School District residents can vote on the district’s $125,057,000 budget for the 2013-2014 and to levy the necessary taxes included, all day Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. in the elementary school serving their attendance area.

The vote will also include a choice of three unopposed Board of Education members: Jennifer Gerken and Suzanne Grant are running for re-election, and newcomer Michael Solomon is the only one running for the third available seat.


Make Sure To Vote Tuesday In Bedford | The Bedford Daily Voice.

Asking prices up in 86 of 100 largest markets | Bedford Corners NY Real Estate

Asking prices of homes listed for sale on real estate portal Trulia.com in January were up from a year ago in 86 of the 100 largest U.S. metros, according to a monthly report released today.

The report, which covers roughly 4.5 million for-sale and for-rent properties listed on Trulia through Jan. 31, showed asking prices up 5.9 percent from a year ago, and growing by a seasonally adjusted 0.9 percent from December to January — the biggest month-over-month gain since March 2012. 

In some markets, the strong growth in asking prices doesn’t necessarily indicate that worries are over, said Jed Kolko, Trulia’s chief economist.

“In many local markets today, dramatic price gains can mask serious red flags,” Kolko said in a blog post. “Strong job growth, low vacancy rate, and low foreclosure inventory — not huge price gains — are signs of a healthy housing market.”

Trulia identified San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Denver and Salt Lake city as “booming” markets with strong fundamentals.

How to Use Instagram Without Being Obnoxious or Dull | Bedford Corners NY Real Estate

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has been on an impressive upward trajectory. The site announced last month that over over 5 billion photos have been shared. Its number of daily mobile users has jumped to 7.3 million, surpassing Twitter’s 6.9 million, according to data from comScore.

instagram logo 150x150 How to Use Instagram Without Being Obnoxious or Dull [Video]

New York filmmaker Casey Neistat is pretty opinionated about social networks and how they should be used. His favorite social media platform is Instagram, but his message to many of its users is that they’re doing it wrong. The video below is his humorous guide to using Instagram and what users should and shouldn’t do.

“If Facebook is Lucky Charms, Instagram is just the marshmallows.”

Neistat argues that Instagram isn’t about the photos, but about sharing. Sharing enables millions of people to gaze into the lives of others and imagine experiencing what they did. Most of the points he makes about why the service is so great are right on, especially about the the storytelling aspect: Mold your feed into a story and give it personality.

As examples, Neistat points to the Instagram accounts of singer Justin Bieber and rapper Rick Ross. He likes both artists, but he says Ross is the one who’s doing it right — he regularly posts photos showing a lifestyle that you don’t usually see. Bieber’s stream, on the other hand, is filled with photos of his face.

Neistat’s other helpful suggestions: Don’t overuse hashtags, don’t bleed the feed, easy with the tilt shift, and make sure your crop works.