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Fifty years ago today, all eyes turned to Queens for the gala kick-off to the  1964 World’s Fair. It was an event whose size and scope were unparalleled, leaving New Yorkers and others today with countless indelible memories. Fast-forward half a century, and one of the last structures specially built for the fair that is still standing, the New York State Pavilion, was just named a “national treasure” by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The pavilion opened to the public today for the first time in decades. While Curbed will soon have photos of the architectural relic in its current decrepit state, let’s fete the fair’s 50th anniversary with a collection of 50 historic photos shot when all the attractions were in their prime. Culled from the archives of the New York Public Library, the Queens Museum, and personal collections shared online, the images show the construction of iconic Unisphere, the international pavilions, the elaborate “Futurama” show from General Motors, and much more.



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