Mount Kisco Scores High In Economic Growth Survey | Mt Kisco Real Estate

Mount Kisco receives high marks in a new economic growth survey from financial news site NerdWallet.

The municipality comes in seventh out of 188 communities that were researched for the site’s “Cities on the Rise” survey.

Criteria used for the survey, according to NerdWallet, involve growth in income, employment and population.

NerdWallet’s data, which are as recent as 2012, show that Mount Kisco’s working-age population is 8,863 and that it had a median income of $50,342.

The survey also shows that from 2009 to 2012, Mount Kisco’s working-age population grew by 5.47 percent and that its median income grew by 18.75 percent.

Mount Kisco was also the highest-scoring Westchester County community in the survey. The next-highest community in Westchester is Mamaroneck, which came in 14th.



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