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If you have worked long enough as a real estate agent to have sold a few houses, you have probably sold homes that are unusual or less than perfect. You know that there is a lot more to being a real estate agent than iPads and smartphones.

Most agents don’t just sell pretty houses. People come to us with a variety of interesting properties and situations that we need to make the most of.

We should not be making fun of our clients’ homes or their decorating choices. We should give suggestions to make the home more salable, and then work with what they give us.

I have learned to be very open-minded and creative when it comes to listing and selling houses. As an agent, sometimes I can persuade homeowners to make some changes to help sell their home. Sometimes I cannot.

Sometimes sellers can’t afford to make the changes I suggest, and other times they don’t want to. It’s my job to sell the house, but I don’t have much control over what I am selling.

Early on in my career I sold one of the ugliest houses I have ever seen, and it smelled bad, too.

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Help buyers see the potential of modest homes | Inman News.

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